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Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition that is caused by the degeneration of dopamine-producing neurons in the basal ganglia, which is located in the lower region of the brain. Along with treatment, proper rehabilitation programs are also necessary for individuals affected by this condition. At Cure Rehab we understand that each individual responds differently to this condition and that is why our specialized physiotherapists provide individualized treatment as per the specific needs of the patient. For more details about our Parkinson’s disease rehabilitation programs please visit

Cerebral Palsy is the name given to disability that results from damage to the brain tissue during pregnancy, birth, or early childhood. In this condition the nerve signals to the muscles are disrupted and that causes difficulty with movements, posture and co-ordination. Rehabilitation is required by the people with this condition in order to improve muscle activation and control and to enhance functional abilities. At Cure Rehab you can get the best cerebral palsy rehab where each person is assessed individually and treatment tailored to meet their specific needs and goals. For details visit

Replacement of our natural body parts can become necessary in certain cases which include extreme injuries, genetic disorders, or certain medical conditions. Surgery is easily available as an option for such cases these days but getting back to normal life after such surgeries can be very difficult and requires proper rehabilitation. This is especially true in case of joint replacement surgeries. Cure Rehab offers world class post-surgery rehabilitation programs for people who have undergone joint replacement. To know more about these rehabilitation programs or to book an appointment please visit

A stroke occurs suddenly and can have very dangerous implications. Even after timely hospitalization and proper treatment, many patients who have suffered a stroke still have problems with physical, speech, and mental functions. Cure Rehab specializes in enabling rehabilitation for these problems. Stroke rehabilitation programs offered by Cure Rehab are very effective in helping patients regain lost skills, relearn tasks, and work to be independent again. To know more about these rehabilitation programs or to book an appointment please visit

A severe spinal cord injury can definitely be counted among one of the most devastating orthopedic injuries. People who have suffered such an injury can lose many of the physical abilities that were quite natural to them before. Therefore, proper spinal injury rehabilitation for such people has an extremely important role. Cure Rehab offers specially designed spinal injury rehabilitation programs that have the primary goals of prevention of secondary complications, maximization of physical functioning, and reintegration into the community. For details visit

Arthritis has become the leading cause of disability in people all over the world. This disease causes pain, swelling and limited movement in joints and connective tissues making it extremely difficult for person to perform in the very simple daily tasks. Even when it doesn’t disable the person completely, the constant pain and restriction in movements caused by it can greatly reduce a person’s capacity for work and make every day full of discomfort. Arthritis rehabilitation programs offered by Cure Rehab can help you limit its affects and start enjoying a much fuller life. To know more visit

Muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels etc. form the musculoskeletal system which is responsible for the proper movement of the human body. At times certain disorders can affect this system which not only impair the proper movement of the body but can also cause a lot of pain. These disorders are known as Musculoskeletal Disorders and the person affected by them requires proper rehabilitation in order to resume normal functioning. Contact Cure Rehab for top class Musculoskeletal Disorders rehabilitation programs by visiting today

Knee replacement surgery becomes necessary in certain cases when a person’s functioning is being impaired because of the poor functioning of the knee and replacement remains the only option. After such a surgery, the recovery and rehabilitation process is extremely important for enabling the patient to get back on his or her feet and start leading an active lifestyle again. Cure Rehab offers the very best knee replacement rehabilitation programs at very affordable prices. To find out more visit today

Sportsmen put in a lot of time and effort in excelling in their chosen sport. This not only includes perfecting the techniques of the game but also requires them to keep themselves in peak physical condition. Due to the nature of such training, sportsmen usually are in very good physical condition. However, playing a sport often requires one to put him into positions where serious physical injuries occur. Recovering from such injuries quickly and completely requires proper sports injuries rehabilitation. Contact Cure Rehab for world class sports injury rehabilitation programs by visiting

Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease that causes progressive muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass resulting in decreased capability in the patient to control his or her body movements. This is a degenerative disease that means that symptoms get worse with time. Rehabilitation from an early stage is extremely important for the people affected by this disease so as to enable them to preserve being functional for the maximum possible time. Cure Rehab offers a specially designed muscular dystrophy rehabilitation program that has proved highly successful. For details visit