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Frequently asked questions 1Who will be benefted from this Rehabilitation centres? Patients who gets discharged from the hospital after major medical illness or surgery, they need sometime to recover.Their home circumstances might not be sufficient to support them to recover.This Rehab centres are the best place to recover with all the support system in place
Where can i find Post hospitalisation Rehabilitation centre at Hyderabad? Cure Rehab is one of the post hospitalisation Rehab centres in Hyderabad run by Dr Vinoth who is a Neuro Physiotherapist practicing since 18 yrs. What kind of support and care do we get at Rehab centre? Patients get good Physiotherapy sessions, Nursing support, Bedside assistants and Physician monitoring during the stay.
Motorised Tilt table to make the patients stand with support straps.This tilt table is used for long term Bedridden patients, Spinal cord injuries, Brain stroke cases ext..
One of the best exercises for frozen shoulder is pendulum exercise. Bend your body and take support from normal side. Carry a dumbell on the affected side. Start swinging your affected hand forwards and backwards in a relaxed manner.Dont control your movements Let it swing freely within the tolerable range Then swing sidewards in a similar manner.Then draw circles in clockwise direction and Anticlockwise direction. .
Tennis elbow pain is treated with Laser physiotherapy and Ultrasonic physiotherapy.Other proceedures include giving rest with Tennis elbow support and giving exercises such as stretching and strengthening .