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Stroke Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach designed for brain stroke patients where the motor Relearning happens. After the brain stroke some part of the brain cells gets damaged permanently due to the lack of blood supply to the particular part of the brain.So in stroke rehab, the undamaged brain relearns the lost movement patterns and functions and adapts to take over the function of damaged area of brain.This is called the stroke rehabilitation process.
Stroke Rehabilitation should begin as early as possible once the patients medical condition stabilizes sometimes within 2 or 3 days.Process of stroke Rehabilitation vary from person to person depending upon their severity of the leision.Few recover in few months and for few could be long term from many months to few years. The aim of the Stroke Rehabilitation programme is to re-educate the brain to learn the previous movement patterns and skill sets
Best knee physiotherapy exercises are 1, Short arc quadriceps, 2, Straight leg raises, 3, Dynamic quadriceps exercise. Consult our physiotherapists at Cure Rehab to learn those technically well and practice well for better results.
Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia. Plantar Fascia gets tight during sleep or long rest on the bed and causes intense pain when they walk on the floor.This pain gradually eases up as the mobility increases in the fascia.. Stretch the plantar fascia with warmup exercises and then get down from the bed to walk. Consult a physiotherapist to learn the right stretching exercises and precautions.
Cervical soondylosis exercises are very simple and easily learnt.Physiotherapists are the right professionals to explain these exercises importance and techniques.Cervical spondylosis exercises helps to maintain movement mobility in the neck and shoulder, improve strength in the neck muscles,
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