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Physiotherapy after CABG( coronary artery bypass grafting) initiates from second post operative day by making the patient do breathing exercises, chest physiotherapy and shoulder movements, walking with the help of support., After discharge therapist should concentrate on patient's daily activities, and stair climbing. Breathing exercises will help the patient to Recover fast. Mobilization of four limbs will help the patient to do ADL's.
We have treated a elderly lady of Mrs l;axmi of 75 yrs old at Cure Rehab in the month of december 2017 who had undergone hip replacement from sunshine hospital.She is chronic Rheumatoid arthritis patient who lives alone with her husband in Telangana district.They dont have any children to take care of themselves.After the surgery, doctor discharged her from the hospital.But for the post operative care they approached our Rehab through online and got admission at our Rehab centre. They stayed for a month at Cure Rehab and got Post operative Physiotherapy Rehab and recovered well. These kind of Rehab centres are in graet need for those who are living alone without their childrens or family members to support them at home.
What is a Post hospitalisation Rehab centre?Is it a hospital?Does it have a hospital atmosphere? After major surgery patients gets discharge from the hospital and recommended to stay in a Rehab centre for few weeks to months for the better recovery of the patients. Here at Cure Rehab centre, We have home like atmosphere with lot of open space and garden to sit and relax which is very important for the further recovery of the patients.
Rehabilitation center in Hyderabad is a place to recover from major medical illness.Cure Rehabilitation center is a Physical therapy centre where patients who gets discharged from a hospital after major medical illness or surgery stay here for a while and get physiotherapy treatment done in a Home like atmosphere.
Frequently asked questions 1Who will be benefted from this Rehabilitation centres? Patients who gets discharged from the hospital after major medical illness or surgery, they need sometime to recover.Their home circumstances might not be sufficient to support them to recover.This Rehab centres are the best place to recover with all the support system in place