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CURE REHAB provide physiotherapy assessments and treatment in the comfort of your own home. This service is often utilised by patients that have difficulty attending clinic appointments or for those that are experiencing difficulty performing everyday tasks at home. People that benefit from a home assessment and treatment are those that have difficulty getting in and out of bed, in and out of chairs, up and down stairs, lack confidence to walk outside on their own and those that require assistance with everyday activities such as washing and dressing. By seeing you in your own home, your physiotherapist will be able to witness the problems that you are experiencing with everyday activities. From this your physiotherapist can advise you on walking aids and / or home adaptations to enable you to regain or retain your independence and increase your quality of life. To find out more please contact us or arrange a free phone consultation.We provide this service Physiotherapist at Your Home all over Hyderabad.
Post operative fractures Rehabilitation is very important part of the treatment programme.After any orthopaedic fixation of fractures, the outcome or success of the surgery depends on the rehabilitation process.Once the fractures consolidates with rest, we have to work on the movement and strength of the affected part and acheive previous level of functional movements. Post-orthopaedic fixation of fractures, you have to fully regain your strength, flexibility and function. The quickest, safest and easiest way to return to your day to day activities is by consulting a physiotherapist experienced in post-operative rehabilitation. At CURE REHAB, we will assist you in your post-operative care. We are familiar with the treatment protocols prescribed by most Orthopapedic Surgeons in hyderabad. We will also take input and feedback from your surgeon who had operated.
We provide Inhouse /Daycare and Out patient Physiotherapy services in Hyderabad.
Stroke Rehabilitation should begin as early as possible once the patients medical condition stabilizes sometimes within 2 or 3 days.Process of stroke Rehabilitation vary from person to person depending upon their severity of the leision.Few recover in few months and for few could be long term from many months to few years. The aim of the Stroke Rehabilitation programme is to re-educate the brain to learn the previous movement patterns and skill sets
Physiotherapists in Hyderabad from Cure Rehab team are Qualified and have 5+yrs of experience.Physiotherpists practice both at the centre and does Home visit Physiotherapy in Hyderabad.Our Main branch is at Begumpet location which have Our patient Physiotherapy, Day care physiotherapy and Inpatient Physiotherapy.The other Physiotherapy clinic from our team are at Himayath ngr, Mehdipatnam and Erragadda location.
We are one of the largest Physiotherapy team in Hyderabad with 40+physiotherapists Serving both at the clinic and Home visit Physiotherapy.We have one Rehabilitation centre with Inhouse and Day care services at Begumpet and other 3 outpatient physiotherapy clinic at different locations Mehdipatnam, Himayath ngr and Sanath ngr.
Physiotherapy treatment proceedures in Paralysis are Range Of Motion Exercise Electrical stimulation Balancing Exercises Weight Bearing Exercise Gait training PNF Techniques Suspension Exercises Positioning Stretching Exercises Strengthening Exercises The best place to get the above treatment proceedures done are the Daycare and Inhouse rehabilitation centres.
Physiotherapy after CABG( coronary artery bypass grafting) initiates from second post operative day by making the patient do breathing exercises, chest physiotherapy and shoulder movements, walking with the help of support., After discharge therapist should concentrate on patient's daily activities, and stair climbing. Breathing exercises will help the patient to Recover fast. Mobilization of four limbs will help the patient to do ADL's.