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TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) TENS is a form of non-invasive pain relief often used in the treatment of chronic pain. This safe and effective technique involves the use of a battery operated device and is delivered across the skin via conducting pads. Two natural processes within the body are stimulated. The tingling sensation of the TENS inhibits the amount of pain signals received by the brain. TENS also increases the levels of the body's own natural pain killing substances called endorphins and enkephalins.
L;ASER THERAPY Laser Therapy is a non-invasive form of therapy. Used for many years, it is non-toxic and your therapist can easily apply it to the injured area without added pressure or pain. Depending on your physiotherapy program and the extent of the injury, the benefits of Laser Therapy are widely accepted and are considered highly effective with no known side effects. Laser Therapy aids in cell reproduction and inflammation reduction, thus providing the right environment for your body to heal itself. In most cases, the body’s natural healing processes are enhanced and the beneficial physiological changes are the result of tissue regeneration and cellular stimulation. Many other positive activities are modulated as well. Laser Treatments are becoming increasingly popular for patients seeking alternative pain management techniques. Laser Therapy can: Reduced Therapy Time - Quicken The Reproduction Of Cells And Their Growth. Safely Treat Pain - Influences And Increases The Metabolic Activity Of The Cells. Effective For Pain Relief - Reduces Swelling From Bruising Or Inflammation. Helps To Increase Circulation To Damaged Cell Sites. Minimizes Scar Formation From Surgery, Cuts, Burns,
Osteoporosis is a reduction in bone density which results from the body being unable to form enough new bone or when too much calcium and phosphate is reabsorbed back in to the body from existing bones. this leads to fracture of the bone. most common in post menopausal women due to reduction of oestrogen production.
One of the best exercises for frozen shoulder is pendulum exercise. Bend your body and take support from normal side. Carry a dumbell on the affected side. Start swinging your affected hand forwards and backwards in a relaxed manner.Dont control your movements Let it swing freely within the tolerable range Then swing sidewards in a similar manner.Then draw circles in clockwise direction and Anticlockwise direction. .
Physiotherapy the only hope which works better in treating all types of paralysis conditions. Monoplegia : Here any of the single limb gets paralysed Hemiplegia : Here any of the left or right side of the body gets paralysed. Paraplegia : Here both the legs will be paralyzed making a person unable to walk or move independently. Quadriplegia: This type of paralysis affects both legs and arms together. Physiotherapy Rehabilitation is a slow and long process, but it is a must do process to acheive the maximum possible results.
Physiotherapy for paralysis.Paralysis is the complete or partial loss of muscle power for one or more body parts. Paralysis can cause loss of sensation or loss of movement in the affected area. Paralysis is seen in the following conditions 1. Stroke 2, Spinal cod injuries, 3. Poliomyelitis 4, Muscular dystrophy, 5, Nerve cut or damage, 6, Multiple sclerosis, 7, GBS, 8, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) 9, Brain Tumor ext..
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Electrotherapy is the stimulation of the nerves and muscles in our body through some controlled elecrtic impulses called Electrotherapy.In Physiotherapy Electrotherapy plays a significant role in treating the pain and activating the muscles and nerves.Few of the Electrotherapy modalities include TENS, Electrical muscle stimulation, Short wave diathermy Laser therapy ext...
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