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INPATIENT REHABILITATION Services are provided to the following conditions Post Hip/Knee Replacement Brain Injury ACL Surgery Brain Stroke (Paralysis) Post Operative Fractures Spinal Cord Injury Back/Neck pain Cerebral Palsy Bed Ridden Patient Parkinson’s disease Spinal cord injuries Brain Stroke Rehabilitation.
Back strenghtening exercises with swiss ball for Back pain Physiotherapy
Following right posture helps us to avoid musculoskeletal problems such as Back pain, Neck pain ext..Our Physiotherapists at Cure Rehab help you to train with Good posture habits as a Precaution to avoid many lifestyle problems.
Sitting deskwork professionals are more prone for developing Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder Pain, Elbow and Wrist pain.Physiotherapy simple stretching exercises during the work will help to reduce these problems.
Sitting and Deskwork professionals are very prone for the Spine problems like Back pain, Neck pain, Sciatica, Disc bulges, Disc prolapse ext.. The spinal disc pressure is less in sleeping position and it increases in standing and it doubles in sitting position and it triples in wrong sitting and bending from sitting position. so sitting continously should be avoided.Frequent breaks and frequent stretches are recommended during working hours.