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The Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is very common sports injury (basket ball, foot ball, soccers).If your knee is directly in contact with ground or any other object. Surgery is required for grade 4 tear. Well, ACL rehabilitation will commence before surgery by strengthening quadriceps, Hamstrings, calf, Glutial muscles as the patient should recover fast after reconstruction of ACL After surgery we had PRICE protocol P-protection R- Rest I- Ice C- compression E- Elevation Our physiotherapists in CURE REHAB center will increase proprioception by balancing on wobble board and Range of motion (ROM) is increased by functional activities .
Orthopaedic Physiotherapist treats Musculoskeletal problems such as Back pain, Neck pain, PA Shoulder, Frozen Shoulder, Trigger finger, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, Osteo-arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Heel pain, Calcaneal spur ext... Trauma Conditions include such as ACL injury, lateral ligament sprain-Ankle, Shoulder dislocation ext.. Post traumatic fractures include Hip fractures, Patella fracture, Tibia fracture, Humerus fracture, Elbow Fracture ext.. Post Hip knee Replacement surgery ACL Reconstruction surgery, Bankarts surgery ext...
INPATIENT REHABILITATION Services are provided to the following conditions Post Hip/Knee Replacement Brain Injury ACL Surgery Brain Stroke (Paralysis) Post Operative Fractures Spinal Cord Injury Back/Neck pain Cerebral Palsy Bed Ridden Patient Parkinson’s disease Spinal cord injuries Brain Stroke Rehabilitation.
Common orthopaedic surgeries requiring post operative care are 1, Shoulder dislocation, 2, Shoulder fracture, 3, Rotator cuff repair, 4, colles fracture, 5, Carpal tunnel release, 6, Hip Replacement, 7, Hip fracture, 8, Knee Replacement, 9, ACL Reconstruction, 10, Patella fracture, 11, ;Laminectomy, 12, Ankle fracture